Prashant Khemka, CFA

Founder and Designated Partner of the Investment Adviser

Prashant Khemka is the founder and designated partner of the Investment Adviser and holds a 99.99 per cent. partnership interest in the Investment Adviser. Prashant is on the Governance Board of the Investment Adviser, which among other governance matters reviews the investible universe of the advisory team and recommendations made by them, covering factors such as corporate governance and environmental and social considerations.

Prashant founded the Investment Adviser (together with the Investment Manager) in June 2017 after 17 years of leadership roles at Goldman Sachs. Prior to this he was the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Lead Portfolio Manager of the India Equity strategy at Goldman Sachs Asset Management (“GSAM”), from March 2007 to March 2017, and the Global Emerging Markets Equity strategy, from June 2013 to March 2017. As Lead Portfolio Manager, he managed all mutual funds and separate accounts under these two strategies.

Prashant began his professional investing career in 1998 at State Street Global Advisors in Boston as Senior Portfolio Officer of Enhanced International Equity in the Quant group. He moved to GSAM in 2000 as a research analyst for the US Growth Equity strategy and, by 2004, had become the Senior Portfolio Manager and Co-Chair of the Investment Committee. Prashant returned to Mumbai in 2006 to start GSAM’s India business and served as the CIO and CEO/Co-CEO of their domestic asset management company. In 2013, in addition to the India business, he was also made the CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager of GSAM’s Global Emerging Markets Equity strategy. He won several accolades as the CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager of GSAM’s India Equity strategy. He and his fund won several awards including an “AAA” rating from Citywire and an “Elite” rating from FundCalibre, among others.

Prashant graduated with honours from Mumbai University with a BE in Mechanical Engineering and earned an MBA in Finance from Vanderbilt University, where he received the Matt Wigginton Leadership Award for outstanding performance in Finance. He was awarded the CFA designation in 2001 and is a fellow of the Ananta Aspen Centre, India.